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The King of fruits in JAPAN

The Valuable flavor are made by long time history

Runner of the T form which is the symbol of a muskmelon. This is the proof which made only 1 fruit in 1 tree. The melon which be named “THE CROWN MELON” is best one among the muskmelon, and produced by excellent cultivation know-how of professional.

The CROWN MELON has beauty of artistic shape, fragrance, plenty of juice, mellow full in the mouth and smooth touch of the tongue as the high-grade melon.

Our CROWN MELON is presented and well known by The Japanese Imperial Family, The Thailand Royal Princess and The Royal Family of United Kingdom. The CROWN MELON is loved by The Royal Family.

The delicious way to eat a melon

How to find out the best time to eat it.

+ Press slowly and softly the bottom of the melon

If the part is soft and have fragrance comes out, it is the best time to eat it.

Melons start ripening only after picked up.

Ripening speed is depending on the individual melon, and the storage environment condition such as the time and the temperature.

It will be tasty by cool down for a couple hours in a refrigerator before serve.

The CROWN MELON has grade:


The appearance and the contents are a most high-quality melon. The melon whether 1 case per 1000 cases. It's traded in high price in the market.


The one which follows the Fuji. The appearance and the contents are good melon.


The appearance and contents are in standard level. It has 60% share of the production. The price is reasonable in melon price.


The appearance is in unpresentable level in open Market. It's mostly used as process fruit.


The Melon which has scratch and damage in the net, and the cut of ball. But the taste is same as others.

The Quality Inspection and the Title of “CROWN MELON”

A part of the Shipping Process, Crown Melons are carefully checked and packed in a box one by one.  The melons are checked for the Quality of the Freshness, Sugar Content, Flavor and Ripeness, etc. by the professional experienced inspectors.

The CROWN MELON Label is only slicked on the melon which passed the strict inspection.  The sampling inspection and the production line inspection will be held by the inspector in periodically.

The Crown Melon label show the Producer Identification No. and it is easy to check the date of production and the producer.

This inspection and the process keep the High Quality and Confidence for the CROWN MELON.

Special Individual Carton Box

We release the "BLACK fancy box" for special event or for present to VIP.

Please feel free to contact us for the Box. Standard individual Box is also available.

Producer and Production

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Profile of Fukuroi City

Fukuroi City is located in western Shizuoka prefecture that embraces Mt. Fuji. The city is blessed with mild climate and rich nature and it is traversed by the National Highway Route 1, Tomei Expressway, Shin-Tomei Expressway, Tokaido Shinkansen, Tokaido Line, besides Mt. Fuji Shizuoka airport, having extremely favorable transportation conditions to and from the center of Tokyo and Osaka.

There are many noted temples with a long and distinguished history, and you can enjoy the elegance of four seasons throughout the year such as, cherry blossoms at Hattasan Temple in Spring, Water lilies at Shoshu-ji temple in Summer, and Autumn leaves at Yusan-ji Temple.

It is a great support for tourist where they feel the dignity of the old-Tokaido line.

Because of its warm climate various agricultural industries are run in Fukuroi. Among there are rice, tea, melons, vegetables, flowers. Thus, there is an equal balance in the development of urban and rural areas.

In summer, many tourists visit the Fukuroi fireworks festival, which is one of the best fireworks shows in Japan.

It is famous for ECOPA stadium where the FIFA World cup game was hold in 2002, and the National Athletic Meet in 2003. It is hosting Rugby World cup game.

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