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"M Power" battery are manufacture in a well established plant set up and supervise by ex-Japanese Mft. staff, all designed and production of battery are manufactured closely and according to Japan AGM type Battery specification.

"M Power" had also master and matured the latest technologies of using silicon gel for the GEL Type range of batteries for Solar and Deep Cycle application.

"M Power" has a wid range from7Ah to 3000Ah that meant for almost all kinds of application including Front Terminal Battey.


A) 10-15 years life Stationaly VRLA (AGM and GEL):

1) Standard JXL Model : 200Ah-3000Ah, 2V, 1.8V/cell, 14 Models

2) High Rate JXH Model : 20Ah-200Ah, 12V, 10 Models

3) Front Terminal, JXF Model : 90Ah - 200Ah, 12V, 7 Models

4) NPA Model : 105Ah - 155Ah, 12V, 3 Models

B) Small VRLA


We are also able to provide, Car, Motorcycle and Traction Batteries.

C) Car Battery

D) Motor Cycle Batery

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