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Crude Oil Tank Clean Up System (No man entry)

This system is radical and innovative. As you can see in the “Benefit of No man entry clean system” in it, there are more than 3 strong points that existing cleaning method could never achieve thus far.

In the existing method, workers had to get into the Oil tank to remove the Oil sludge, which brought health hazard as they had to breathe the harmful gas and some sometimes lost their life when they dropped themselves into the Oil sludge pool, which was carried from Oil tanks. The owner had to cost much and spend much time for all of those and still couldn’t solve the Oil sludge cleaning perfectly.

Now, No man entry cleaning system can solve all of these at once. The tank owner will totally spend less money and can use the tank longer as the cleaning time is shortened from 2-3 months (plus 2 years of making Oil from the removed Oil Sludge) of existing methods to 1 month.

We can clean the 10 sets of Crude Oil tanks in one year using the same machinery and pipes, and, every 3 years we can clean the same tanks.

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