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ASAGIRI, HANASHIZUKU: Energy Organic Active Water

100% Natural Product.

Wrinkle, Blot, Somberness, Sagging......Related to Active Oxygen


Referred to as "oxidation" such as that rotten vegetable, or rust the metal.
In fact, a similar phenomenon going on and this is also our bodies.
Is "active oxygen" is it cause of this oxidation.
"Active oxygen" is made in our body, and it is an important role to exterminate, such as harmful bacteria, have been entering the body.
Would attack normal cells if it increase more than necessary.
Result will become not good.


Active Oxygen is formed by Stress, House Dust, Over Exercise, Ultraviolet Rays, Radio Wave, Pollution, Hormone Unbalance, Food Additives

Can thus tan stain.
Active oxygen in the event of there and hit the skin to ultraviolet rays, and will attempt to oxidation of the cells. Then, the Suppress the oxidation protection function is activated caused by the cell would no longer fulfill the function. This is the pigment melanin. Blotch and Skin pigmentation are the scar of fought against active oxygen.

Cause of the decline of your skin
"Collagen" that holds the tension of the skin, and "elastin" of elastic fibers are oxidized by active oxygen species that occur in excess. The wrinkles always occur in face, neck and hand caused by tan, caused by the influence of active oxygen species generated by ultraviolet rays.


We have SOD Enzyme in our body.....

SOD Active Curve vs Aging Curve

SOD Enzyme (super oxide dismutase):
Is the "active enzyme" has been made in our bodies.
SOD enzyme has a role who has to neutralize the excess active oxygen occurs.
Generative capacity of the SOD enzyme has individual differences among
From the time after age 40, this ability to produce SOD enzyme begins to decline gradually had become apparent.

(For "SOD":http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Superoxide_dismutase )

Come more and more spots and wrinkles on your skin, It is rather than the weakening of the strength that comes from aging, it is caused by the weakening of the removable power of the "active oxygen" which is the cause of wrinkles, blotch, aging and lifestyle-related diseases, by insufficient of SOD enzyme.



These are an Energy Active Water such as SOD enzyme. It is neutralize the active oxygen species that occur in excess in the body by the "negative ion water molecule formed by the nanoparticles, and increase and maintain the rejuvenation power of the skin which has originally.

Applying to your skin:

Restore the abnormal thick blood into smooth healthy blood condition.

Major cause of Blots and Wrinkles are not only by ultraviolet rays, but also the changes of our health mechanism.

Blots around the eyes is the indication of the bad blood flow

Leaving on about 15 minutes, will improve the abnormal thick blood into smooth condition

The main component:

Consisting of Mineral Antioxidant as in the trace elements (NANO-Sized) Selenium and Oceanic minerals, etc. which been extracted from the Nature,

It have no chemicals substanc


* 日焼け、シミを予防する働き

* 肌を引き締め、ハリを与える働き

Functions of the SOD Enzymes

* To hold the moisture in your skin fresh

* Dissolving increased Active Oxygen, and to activate the tissue cells

* Inhibit the growth of melanin, preventing Sunburn, Blots, etc. and improve the skin condition.

* Inhibiting the Fat Peroxidation production, to minimize the Wrinkles and Sagging, etc.

* Promoting our metabolism and to accelerate the reincarnation of the skin tissue.

* Improving the blood flow, to promote the health and to boost the self-recovery power

* SOD enzyme has the Antioxidant Power which is 24 times of Vitamin E and 40 times of Vitamin C

* It has the same function of SOD Enzyme

? How to use

? To the area of pain or stiffness, face, limbs, body. Please spray directly from a position of about 20cm

? Please use two or three times a day.

? Measures for tan, please spray directly to the exposed area before go out.

? It can be used either before or after your makeup

? Please use persist so the effect is there are individual differences.