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Polymer Coated Fertilizer

Low Cost and High Productivity

Cut the labour cost
No wasting and 100% be used for the plant and tree.

Controlled Release Fertilizer and for protect ENVIRONMENT.

+Coated Polymer ground fertilizer

+Custom tailored for the palm oil industry

+Suitable for every stage of palm trees seedlings, and also for any kind of plantations

+Stronger, Healthier trees through constant, slow release nutrients


How does the cote work?

Soil moisture penetrates the polymer coating within a week and activates the encapsulated nutrients. No nutrient is released. Nutrients slowly diffuse through the polymer coating over the next several months when triggered by soil temperature. The polymer coating microbially decomposes into naturally occurring soil elements after complete release of nutrients. 

The advantages of controlled release fertilizers are as follows:

  1. Fertilizer burn is not a problem with CRFs even at high rates of application
  2. Fertilizers are released at a slower rate throughout the season; plants are able to take up most of the fertilizers without waste by leaching
  3. Less frequent application is required
  4. Uniform particle size allows easier and precise mechanical distribution
  5. Flexibility of release periods from 40 to 360 days at 25C
  6. Reduced capital and labour outlay in horticultural crop production
  7. Reduced nutrient loss via leaching and run-off thus reducing environmental damage
  8. Reduced seed or seedling damage from high local concentrations of salts
  9. Reduced leaf burn from heavy rates of surface-applied fertilizers
  10. Improved storage and handling properties of fertilizer materials
  11. Product differentiation resulting in improved market potential
  12. Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emission from transportation of fertilizersThe advantages of controlled release fertilizers are as follows:


The coating material employs the latest specially developed solventless polymerization technology to coat high quality fertilizers with a thin layer of water impermeable coating. The Cote series can be further differentiated to the following:

  • Cote Precise: Fully coated controlled release NPK fertilizers with balanced nutrition.
  • Cote Plus: Controlled release NPK fertilizers blended with instant release fertilizers.
  • Cote Single: Premium single element controlled release fertilizers.

Cote Precise

Cote Precise consists of premium polymer coated fertilizers which provides longevities from 40 days to 365 days.

  • NPK 19-10-13+2.5MgO+TE
  • NPK 12-6-22+2.5MgO+TE
  • NPK 11-2-37+TE
  • NPK 10-10-15+TE
  • NPK 13-13-13+TE
  • NPK 10-10-29+TE

Cote Plus

Cote Plus contains premium Cote Controlled Release Fertilizers blended with instant release NPK granules. Instant release provides nutrients in the early stages coupled with sustained release from the controlled release portion. Cote Plus contains 50 to 80% coated fertilizers.

  • NPK 12-6-32+TE
  • NPK 5-5-45+TE
  • NPK 10-26-10+2.5MgO+TE

Cote Single

Cote Single consists of single element fertilizers which are coated to provide a highly loaded and efficient nutrient source.

  • NPK 42-0-0+TE
  • NPK 0-0-54+TE


Every granule of Cote Precise contains total N, P and K nutrition which is balanced and efficient. Every granule is fully coated to ensure reduced losses through leaching.


Cote Plus contains a blend of granular NPK fertilizer added onto a base of premium controlled release fertilizers.

Single Element

Highly loaded coated single elments enable the highest amount of nutrient to be packed in every granule. This offers higher efficiency and lower usage rate.


Users are able to blend the different formulations to suit their needs. This flexibility ensures that the correct ratio is obtained.

Sustainability and Safety

Cote precise provides a continuous supply of nutrients with minimal leaching.

Cote Plus provides an instntaneous supply of nutrients followed with a sustained supply of nutrients with minimal leaching.

Effecient nutrient availability ensures that soil is not mined of nutrients. There is no root scorching when used at recommended rates.


The release of nutrients is not influenced significantly by pH, microbiological activity and organic material in the soil.

Environmentally Friendly

Less fertilizer application ensures the soil's properties are balanced and minimal leaching of nutrients into waterways. The coating is made of a biodegradable resin membrane.


Easier storage, Transport and handling due to lower applicationrates will provide indirect saving.


Cote precise is suitable for annual crops, cash crops, fruit trees, ornamental plants and open firld crops.